Accoya, durable and sustainable.

Accoya is a modified timber that is not only highly stable and durable but also considered one of the most environmentally sustainable timber products on the market. Parry Joinery is keen to promote the use of Accoya timber in their joinery projects due to its sustainability and durability.

Accoya is treated with acetylation, a process that changes the structure of the wood and in so doing makes it much stronger. Most unmodified timbers are susceptible to expansion and contraction, which often leads to the wood splitting and rotting but as a result of the acetylation process Accoya is proven to be considerably more durable. Due to its stability therefore it is an ideal choice for joinery work where the wood is exposed to the elements. For Parry Joinery it has been one of the most popular choices in recent years for external doors and windows and highly recommended for other external projects such as cladding, decking, balconies and even outdoor structural projects.

Accoya is a fast growing product sourced from sustainably managed forests and is a nontoxic, fully recyclable wood. Using Accoya reduces the pressure on increasingly threatened hardwoods, it continues to act as a carbon sink throughout its lifetime and can be fully and safely recycled at the end of its life.

It is also a product that is perfect for coating which helps to extend its life further. Because of its improved stability it is easier to coat, requires less preparation and needs coating less frequently than other available timber choices. Accoya has a 50 year warranty and a 60 year+ service-life expectancy when used on exterior applications.

Due to the thorough and harsh testing that Accoya has undergone it is classed as having the highest possible durability classification and therefore shows far less susceptibility to rot, decay, fungal damage or termite attack than other non-treated high quality timbers.

As you can see Accoya is a perfect timber choice for both durability and sustainability and here at Parry Joinery we are keen advocates of its benefits.

If you would like any further information or advice about Accoya please feel free to contact us or request a brochure on 01244 371571 or email.