Pivot windows, a stylish space saving solution.

Case Study

Pivot windows are a casement window where the hinges are centered in the middle rather than at the sides of the window and can pivot either horizontally or vertically.

They are extremely practical for smaller spaces such as attics and roof windows but also in multiple storied buildings such as flats/offices.

The central pivot allows for limited opening making them a safer option, they are easy opening and closing from the inside and a safe and secure option. They are perfect for small spaces allowing for considerable light and increased ventilation (can be opened on a 180 degree angle, allowing for two areas of airflow) plus the added bonus of being easy to clean.

Pivot windows are a popular choice of Parry Joinery’s clients, whether on a commercial scale or in a private property. Windows can be manufactured to the client’s specifications with a range of timber frames, double glazed glass to improve insulation, weather durability and sound proofing.

A housing project in Manchester was completed recently in which we manufactured Sapele hardwood pivot windows with two opening pivot sashes. Manufactured with polished chrome central pivot hinges and draught seal.

Images of the pivot window described above can be seen below.

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