Door Care

We recommend that doors arrive on site just prior to fixing and after all wet trades are finished.  Once on site, doors should be stacked horizontally on top of three bearers, which should be evenly positioned lengthwise.  Doors with glazing apertures will require spacers between leaves to avoid damage to the glazing beads.  Store in dark, dry and dust free conditions.

If doors are supplied ‘in the white’ then finishing must be undertaken immediately upon arrival on site, including the top and bottom edges.  The lippings on the edges of the doors are not sealed, and this must be carried out as soon as possible.

The rapid testing of central heating systems is detrimental to doors and joinery.  The heating should be increased gradually and spread over as long a period as possible, the aim is to keep the moisture content of the timber as in manufacture.

We recommend that all external doors are manufactured from hardwood timber and we will not guarantee any doors which we are asked to manufacture from softwood.  Hardwood is a far more stable material and can cope with contact with the rigours of the outdoor elements.