Door Sets

The multi-option door assembly is a service proving very popular.

We can supply doors to site pre-routered and grooved ready for hinge, lock and intumescent seal, or supply the complete door set which includes a composite door, pre-hung in the frame and pre-installed with your fittings such as locks, hinges and handles, and even pre-finished with your choice of paint colour or lacquer.

Having all this delivered to site ready for immediate installation has a major benefit in the speed of installation and can save a considerable amount of time and money.  The frame has only to be fixed into position and sealed around the edges to complete the installation.

We are extremely flexible and can provide different door set scenarios depending on your individual needs.

We can supply a finished door set with door hung in the frame

  • with all ironmongery fitted
  • frame fully finished
  • clip on architraves

or if you take the components as individual parts for others to assemble on site.

We can provide

  •  hinge cut outs
  •  lock cut-outs
  •  intumescent seal fitted into the frame
  •  door, frame, intumescent seal with necessary cut-outs

Any of these combinations can be provided, please contact the office for further information.