Door Sets

Our versatile multi-option door assembly service, which has been gaining popularity among our customers gives you have the flexibility to choose the level of customisation and convenience that suits your needs. We offer two main options:

  1. Pre-Routered and Grooved Doors: We can supply doors to your site pre-routered and grooved, ready for hinge, lock, and intumescent seal installation. This option allows you to have control over the fittings and finishing touches while saving time on door preparation.
  2. Complete Door Sets: Our complete door sets provide the ultimate convenience. They include a door pre-hung in the frame, already installed with your chosen fittings such as locks, hinges, and handles. Additionally, we can pre-finish the door with your desired paint color or lacquer. By opting for a complete door set, you can significantly expedite the installation process and potentially save time and money. The installation requires fixing the frame in position and sealing around the edges to complete the process.

We understand that each project has unique requirements, and we are committed to meeting your individual needs. Our flexibility allows us to provide different door set scenarios tailored to your preferences. Whether you prefer a fully finished door set with all ironmongery fitted, a frame with clip-on architraves, or individual components for assembly on-site, we can accommodate your specific requirements.

Our range of services also includes various options such as hinge cut-outs, lock cut-outs, and intumescent seals fitted into the frame. We can provide any combination of these services, depending on your project’s specifications. For more detailed information on the available options and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our office. We are here to assist you in finding the perfect door solution that meets your needs and enhances your project.