Fire Doors

Fire doors are specifically designed for compliance with building regulations in various settings, including new build properties, commercial buildings, shared occupancy buildings, and between houses and garages.

Our priority is to provide you with fire doors that meet the highest safety standards. We are certified to manufacture Q-Mark certified fire doors and frames, ensuring ongoing compliance with the original product specifications. This certification provides independent verification by a third-party certification body, giving you peace of mind that our products consistently meet quality standards.

Our fire doors are available in FD30/FD60 ratings, offering different levels of fire resistance. We can supply standalone fire doors or complete door frame systems, depending on your project requirements. All our fire doors are hung in appropriate frames with the correct smoke seals, door hinges, and ironmongery fitted.

We offer a range of core materials, including Halspan, Flamebreak, Stredor, and Strebord, to suit different needs. Additionally, our fire doors can be veneered with various timber options such as oak, ash, beech, cherry, walnut, and sapele, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance.

We understand the importance of comprehensive fire certification, and we can provide the necessary documentation when appropriate. Our goal is to deliver fire doors that not only meet safety requirements but also offer durability and visual appeal.

Explore our range of interior fire check doors and trust in our expertise to provide reliable fire safety solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific project requirements, and our knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you.