Internal Timber Doors

Our solid timber internal doors are made with traditional mortice and tenon/stub tenon joints.  Any style and size can be manufactured to any specification.  When appropriate, we can manufacture panels with MDF inserts for added stability.

Doors can be supplied unfinished but sanded ready to receive final preparation.  On request, we can pre-finish any custom interior door with a hardwearing clear lacquer, which will enhance the natural grain of the wood or a spray paint finish to the colour of your choice.

The advantage of being bespoke is that any door can be pre-hung; that is pre-cut and fitted with hinges, latches, locks etc and supplied in the correct frame or lining ready for on-site fitting.  This can dramatically reduce labour charges and fitting rates.

Our core internal doors can be supplied with a wide  range of operations such as:

  • Laminate faced
  • Wide choice of timber veneers
  • Lippings to four edges (concealed or exposed)
  • Rebated or rounded meeting stiles
  • Rounded meeting and hanging stiles
  • Grooving for intumescent strip
  • Vision panels square, rectangular or shaped, glazed as required
  • Doors and over panels
  • Matching pairs equal and unequal with or without over panels
  • Steel facings
  • Kick and push plates fitted
  • Groove and fit automatic threshold seals
  • Acoustic ratings can be achieved