Stair Components


The balustrade is the guarding which is formed at the sides of the staircase and around the landing stairwell, this provides the barrier to stop people falling from the staircase, balustrades can be formed using turned or square spindles with a handrail to the top edge and a baserail to the bottom edge. Alternatively, balustrades can be formed using ranch rails which are wide timber boards face fixed to the newel posts top and bottom and running parallel to the pitch of the staircase 

Hand Rails

Handrails can be supplied in a variety of different timbers and moulded shapes, handrails fit onto the top of the balustrades or screwed to the side walls on decorative metal brackets.


The tread is the top flat part of the step, treads can be manufactured using MDF or solid timber depending on the style of staircase and type of decorative timber used, the treads will usually have a rounded front edge.


The riser is the upright part of the step, risers can be manufactured using MDF, Plywood or solid timber. The risers are usually grooved into the bottom of the tread.

Newel Posts

Newel posts are fitted to the staircase to carry the handrails/balustrades, newel posts are manufactured using solid timber and can be square or turned. Newel posts are also inserted where a staircase changes direction and kite treads or landings are required this carries the tread.