Straight, Kite Winder & Spiral Stairs

Straight Stairs

Straight stairs are as the name implies, a single straight run of treads and risers to form the steps, straight staircases can be fitted between walls or with open sides which have a balustrade fitted.

Kite Winder Stairs

Kite Winder are stairs with a straight flight and steps which turn at the bottom.  The name kite coming from the ‘kite’ shaped step which is formed a the steps turn.   Obviously made to suit every individual location with the turn in the stairs varying from near the bottom of the staircase to even three steps from the top.

S1W47N Winder Staircase

Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs are built with treads fanning out around a central column, they are often the most space efficient type of stair you can have as they effectively take up little more floor space than their diameter.