Conservatories Orangeries & Garden Rooms

The fundamental difference between an Orangery and a Conservatory is its structure; a conservatory is generally regarded as a temporary non-integral part of the property whereas an orangery, with its greater mass of columns, pilasters and classic details creates a striking visual impact and contributes to the overall appeal of your home with a robust and permanent presence. 

Conservatories are a great link between home and garden, they are mainly constructed of high-performance glass thus making them light and airy.  They can be manufactured to fit in unusual and difficult areas and can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Garden rooms have a solid tiled roof and have a wall of windows around its perimeter.  Having a solid roof tends to make them much cooler and the living space a more integral part of your home.

Whether it is an orangery, conservatory or garden room you require contact our office to discuss your requirements and we will use our 25 years of experience to provide you with a detailed quotation.