Window Care

The way in which windows are handled and stored on site can affect their long-term performance.  Good practice will avoid damage, maintains quality and saves money.

For long term performance of the window and finish, it is important that the moisture content is maintained during storage on site and during the construction process.

Windows should be lifted by the main frame (not by the opening casement or the glazing bars).

Windows should be stored under cover even if fully finished, preferably inside a building.  If they have to be stored outside they must be kept clear of the ground on level bearers and protected from dampness and sunlight with a tarpaulin.  Polythene sheeting should not be used as this can act like a greenhouse and encourage damp or humid conditions.

Pre-glazed windows need extra care to avoid damage and glass breakage.  Ensure it is not possible for water to lay in glazed rebates by storing vertically.

Windows should be installed by qualified competent persons ( we can supply fitting instructions )

Pre-finished and pre-glazed windows should be treated like a piece of furniture and should retain their protective packaging until the latest possible time.